Monday, September 14, 2009

"Post-Gender Environment"

Cala --- Transgener In Second Life has an article called "Second Life is a Post-Gender environment".

The beautiful thing about this filter is that it removes the tools of prejudice in immediate 1st-time interactions. If you cannot see someone's gender, race, age, or other factor during your 1st meeting, you must evaluate them based on the core person that they present, that is to say, the core person as that person defines it, not you the viewer. I call this core person their Identity, the one that they own and define as they choose, to differentiate from your preconceptions of it.

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Invisible Inc said...

Thanks! Mute just posted a new article on postgenderism you might be interested in

When Nothing is Produced
By Marcel Stoetzler

Bourgeois society’s reduction of sexuality to the logic of (re)production results in a series of rigid dichotomies. Drawing on a rich history of radical theory, Marcel Stoetzler rejects sexual dimorphism and the gay/straight split to imagine a sexuality that is free to recreate itself