Friday, April 25, 2008


今天蓄積到不行的相關新聞的鬱悶,終於在晚上讀到一些澄清之後(Beijing has become the guardian of the Chinese brand),相對舒緩許多。想想會感受到鬱悶的人一定不只某些人而已,就覺得多容忍些、多尊重別人的聲音似乎不那麼困難了一些。 的記者:Doug Saunders 在這篇文章中總結地說:

Beijing, in other words, has become the guardian of the Chinese brand, the protector of the Han trademark: Without its dubious leadership, Mr. Wang and many others feel, the overseas Chinese will end up damaging their own hard-earned public image by going even further down the road of ethnic heavy-handedness.

It's a strong belief, and I don't think change will happen in China until someone else can claim ownership of this suddenly valuable brand.

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