Tuesday, November 30, 2004


my morning soothes
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拿起刀子,切水果。然後把水果丟在果汁機裡面,加入牧草粉、穀粉,優酪乳跟牛奶。水果通常是香蕉、蘋果、奇異果、葡萄和小蕃茄,有時候會有路過的桃子。攪拌攪拌 60 秒。就變成很好喝的果汁。國外 Jamba Juice 好像叫做 smoothies

我覺得 smoothes 像 soothes(安慰),聲音聽起來像「甦醒」。有人說水果用吃的就好,打汁太奢侈浪費。我覺得打果汁讓我每天用刀子、好好切每個特別的水果,認識了它們的材質肌理,實在很不錯。用刀子也有拿刀子的手感,也是不一樣的感覺。更何況往往用到一半就會偷吃水果,其實各種感官都在早上的運動中紛紛甦醒。

Sunday, November 28, 2004

The Emperor's Club

"Great teachers have little external history to record. Their lives go over into other lives. These man are pillars in the intimate structure of our schools. They are more essential than its stones or beams. They will continue to be a kindling force and a revealing power; part of the necessary fabric men breathe."

很高興看到一部教育(春風化雨?)的片子 The Emperor's Club,最後「故事」沒有向權勢(authorities)低頭。沒有那種大家悔悟的故事情節,老師被欺負了兩次,但是這個片子卻讓我們逃出那教室的單向度的思考與規則籠罩,找到了另外的出路。

Saturday, November 27, 2004


德語的方言、法語的方言。pc 說,《聖堂教父》裡面有說,「你能否想像二十年後的黑道?」而我們,能否想像二十年後的多語言狀況?

modern stained glass, NYC

modern stained glass, NYC
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Ted had shown me a wonderful cathedral, the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, outside his appartment, where itself is a huge art work attracting me to stay and meditate.

guess what?

通常下一句就要接,guess what what?這是狄尼洛式笑話(a joke of de Niro's style)。

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